Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Strange events

Derek and I were deep into getting our Christmas tree up and strung with lights. I had chicken wings and french fries in the oven and Bell, Nicky, Boots, Nanette and Chip were all present to help us in this task of tree decorating.
All of a sudden the dogs in back started barking. This got Nicky going and Derek was annoyed. I told him there must be a good reason that Sarg,, the german shepherd was barking like crazy. I looked out the door and he was going beserk at the window well. I ran out in my socks and peered there and saw a tan cat. Well,, Sarg was about to kill this cat. It was scared to daylights. I grabbed Sarg and pulled him off and then proceeded to pull him to the door. The shelties, I figured, would not hurt the cat. Sarg was yelling the whole way ( a GS thing) and I opened the back door and screamed for Derek. He came and got Sarg and I raced for a flash light. I went back outside and found the cat again, still in the window well. He hissed at me and was so frightened. I then realized that I was going to have to get all the shelties in the house in order to get the cat calmed down. I was still in my socks,, with no coat too. I ran to the door and Derek and I got the shelties in. I quickly put on boots and a coat. I then returned to the cat. I knelt there in the snow for a good 15 minutes talking to him and trying to work up the courage to reach out to him. Being a groomer,,, I have been bit by cats before and it is NOT GOOD!
I finally reached out and he did too. He sniffed my fingers and then I heard him purr.
I then carefully and slowly reached further to pet him. He liked it and didn't bite. YEAH!
Ok,, back into the house to get a towel to pick him up with.
Back to the cat I put the towel over him and picked him up. He relaxed in my arms and I took him to the fence and put him over it. He immediately jumped back over and ran to the window well again.
I haven't ever seen this cat down in the big shop. I would occasionally see him this last fall but he never came close to being touched. So I wasn't sure if he knew about the water, food and heat down in the shop. There is a cat sized hole in the door for the kitties to come and go.
So I yelled for Derek again. I asked him to meet me around at the backyard and get the cat over the fence and we would take him down to the shop.
He came around grabbed the cat. I went through the house and out the front to meet him. The cat had jumped away from Derek but ran right to me. I picked him up again and then we headed to the shop.
When we got there,, Farrah was there,, as usual, and he was glad to see her. I put him down at the bowls. The water was out so Derek ran and got some more. The poor kitty sat there and drank and drank. He was very dehydrated. Enough so, that he didn't even care about the food. We made sure he was ok then Derek and I returned to the house and our tree.
In thinking about this cat, it is pretty amazing that he lived through the ordeal of Sarg. Sarg hates cats,, but really there was no other way for the cat to let us know he needed help. If he had been out in front of our house I wouldn't have seen him. I wouldn't have heard him,, his little voice all quieted by his lack of water. The only way,, was to get the dogs barking so that we would go see what was going on.
I do believe that some things happen for reasons. I can't help but think that on this Christmas Eve,, that God helped this kitty be realized by us and we were able to help him.
After inspecting him, he has frost bit ears,, now turning black. Probably from the past few days of really cold weather. He is skinny,, but otherwise alright.
I hope he stays in the shop. He will get what he needs there as long and I can provide for him.
Merry Christmas little had an angel protecting you tonight.


Lacewood Shelties said...

ahhhhh you get all warm and fuzzy feeling know there are people like you out there to rescue these sweet little furry critters. I know you have earned your reward in heaven for helping the those that are the most innocent and needy among us!!!
God Bless you Shannalee and Derek!!

Cool Design Shelties said...

Thanks for the good-hearted people.


Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

ohhhh. what a nice story. I love my cats Josie and Laura.