Monday, December 1, 2008

My fault

Took Nicky into the shop today and gave him a bath. He hung out with me while I ran some errands and went and visited my friend Debbie.
He was a very good boy but I could tell by the end that he really wanted to get home. On the last road to my house he put his feet on the console and looked right at me and nudged my arm. I got home and he bounced from side to side on the back seat at the noise of the other dogs barking my arrival.
I got into the house and we sat down to watch Ellen. I got hungry and went to the kitchen and got some leftover turkey and a drink of sweet tea.
I went back to the living room and set my drink on the ottoman since I don't have a table handy to where I was sitting on the couch. This is a typical place for me to set my drinks and kinda stupid of me.
I had Nicky, Bell, Butters and Boots all standing around me watching me eat my turkey and waiting for hand outs. Well Nicky got tired of standing at the back of the crowd so he leaped up onto the ottoman, knocking my drink all over me and the two remotes I had sitting there. Well my reaction was "No!,, bad Nicky".
Now,, Nicky is the most spoiled dog ever and he has never had any real reprimands in his life but just the mere reaction of my voice to the action sure got the message through. He went and stood behind the chair on the right of me.
I realized how I had yelled and looked to see where he was and saw him peeking around the chair to see if I was still mad. Just the sight of him peeking at me made me instantly feel guilty. So I said "it's alright,, I know it was an accident" and out he ran and right up to me. He plopped down beside me and we got on with watching Ellen.
It was my fault. I shouldn't have put my glass there.
I sure love that little dog. He is just the best!


Aspengrove Shelties Fantasias Collies said...

Dont feel bad we all have done it. Them darn cute sheltie faces you just cant stay mad. At least they forgive us.

Shawna said...

They have a face made for making you feel guilty for even slightly raising your voice...George is the same way, I don't know if he's so ashamed of disappointing me or what but he is Mr. sensitive! Such sweet souls!