Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It was a very snowy day here. Last night it was down to minus 7 when I went to bed. I borrowed a heating pad (outdoor) from my friend Debbie and put it down in our shop for the feral kitties. Farrah was there and she was most appreciative. I took her a huge bowl of water that plugs in so it won't freeze. She drank a lot and then settled down on the heating pad. The other kitties are too wild so they watched from afar. I checked on them today and all were good and had eaten most of the food I had put down for them.

I took Nicky, Boots and Chip out for a romp in the snow. They raced around and Chip bounced around till his feet were all stuck with snow between his toes. He would lay down and bite it out before off again he would be. He is the best follower. He is always under foot and follows me all over the yard and into the large shop. He makes tracks through the shop as I check on the kitties.

Nicky showed him how to run from the front yard to the back and back again but Chip never went far from me even though Nicky was looking to show him around. Chip would come back and check with me before going off again with his new idol.

We spent about an hour outside before I thought he might be getting too cold,, although he never showed it.

The snow has began again tonight with a huge storm expected. The drift in the back yard is up to the 5 ft fence already. Oh,, how fun.

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windsor Shelties said...

I love the picture of Chip that is awesome shot.