Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Computer sick again

Came home today to the power out. 5 hours later,, it was restored but I ended up spending 3 1/2 of those hours in the dark.
I lit a fire in the fireplace and a few candles and laid out on the couch wrapped in a blanket.
Amazing how quiet the house is without the hum of the refrigerator, computer and furnace running.
Nicky took every opportunity to bark at each sound he heard. Jewelee is mad because she has to be in so much. We are on puppy watch with her first due date on Friday.
Derek brought up a camping lamp from the garage and I sat and looked at old Sheltie Special magazines from the 70's, to pass the time.
So,, after the power came back on, I powered up my PC and waited for it to start. It never did. I turned it off, back on, off, back on. It will power up and then just shut off.
I think the power outage zapped it, and we just got it back from being repaired. Thank goodness I have my laptop!.
So, amongst the other things that have gone wrong lately,, now my computer is dead again. Darn it.

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