Friday, December 19, 2008


I have had a mix of opinions about the Blog. Some folk's first reaction is disdain or silliness at the thought, others are very supportive and nice.
I guess I have always considered myself somewhat of an open book. I don't hide much,, at least I try not to, really feeling that I don't have anything to hide. If asked or slightly provoked,, I will share on just about any subject out there. I have always been hard to embarrass and easy to embarrass others even though I am a pretty shy person. So the blog has come as a nice avenue for me to just write and share, hoping that some will be entertained or bothered by my muses.
I love reading other blogs and seeing who has been to mine and how many "hits" it has got.
Since dad has been in the hospital it has kinda been sad for me not to have him be able to read the blog. He really enjoyed it and I hope he will soon be able to read it again.
There is something about knowing that others are interested in what you are doing that gives life a little extra to look forward to. I may not always answer my phone because I am not in the mood to talk but I can still sit down and communicate through writing.
I also think it is good for a person to write and just put to words the thoughts that enter our minds. It's stimulating and important to keep such skills,, I believe.
So,, even though there are some sour puss' out there that sneer and snort at my blog.. heck with them. I know there are a bunch of others out there too that like it, and read it and support it. Thanks you guys. I will try to keep it going,, entertaining, thought provoking and maybe even boring sometimes for ya!!.


Lacewood Shelties said...

You know I feel much the same way. I was certain that I would not only never write a blog, but I would never read one. Now I find myself looking to see if anyone has written anything so I can keep up on their lives. I also watch for the comments to come on my blog and feel disappointed when there are not any as I never know if what I wrote was interesting to anyone or not. BTW, how did you get the counter on your blog???
Keep it up, I love your blog!!!! I'm a convert for sure.

Irish Hill Shelties said...

I also never thought I would be writing for others to read but I am giving it a shot and I enjoy writing as I can do it in my time be it early morning or late at night. I check too to see if anyone has left me a comment or if I have a hit from someone else. We are so close to all of our dogs and cats that I love sharing them with others and telling others interesting things that I hope they will find interesting too. I enjoy your blog keep writing and if you can visit mine and let me know what you think.

OBay Shelties said...

I started a blog initially to keep in contact with puppy owners and people waiting for their new puppies. They can go on the blog and see the pups develop even if they cannot make it to see them in person. Since then it has also been a way for my "family" of puppy people to see what we are up to and to share their own successes. The nice thing about a blog is that only people who are interested have to read it.

It makes me smile when I go to shows and people will come up to me and say "I love your blog" or "how are your dogs; I love to read about them" or "thanks for that training tip; I have used it and it works" ect. It is my way of sharing what I know and hopefully learning much much more in the process. Most bloggers are the kind of people who don't mind sharing. Unlike some people who are afraid that in sharing they will lose something. We all know that it is really the opposite, isn't it? The more you share; the more you get in return.

Gosh that was a long comment!

Keep sharing Shannalee because you have loads to teach us!
Cheers, Bernadette

Amy Aitken said...

I agree, a blog is a great way to communicate with people that you might not otherwise talk to. We only met once at the Boise shows, but I like your dogs and enjoy reading about them. I can't wait to hear about how Stinky is doing at shows next year!

windsor Shelties said...

I always look forward to seeing who has added to there blog and see what pictures have been added. I'm adding to mine later to day. I have family in England that follow my blog privately so they know what I'm doing and my mum gets a chance to look pictures of my shelties.

I think blogs gives you a insight to the persons life that you might not of known. Shannalee your blog is one of the best.

Morganne said...

I enjoy reading your blog:-)
It's one of my favorite Sheltie blogs.