Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookies! and Puppies!

Beginning to prepare a bit for the holiday. A bit out of time for me since I usually begin sooner. Every year I try to do something special for my vet and the receptionists and techs. This year I have made them Sheltie cookies.

Of course this is somewhat out of sorts since none of them have shelties but I can always feed them some little ginger shelties...right?

Played catch up today and got some rest. Picked up our Christmas tree and dorked around a bit.

Also got some baby pictures of my new litter. Born a week ago. Sired by CH. Akadia Just Priceless and out of BIS CH. Iona I Can Shine. They are pretty puppies. There are 4 girls and a boy.


Aspengrove Shelties Fantasias Collies said...

They are so cute. Lucky you 4 girls yea!! My last two collie litter all boys. Cookies look good too. YUM

Lacewood Shelties said...

MMMMMMM So cute. The puppies and the cookies!! Those babies look so fat and healthy. Big Congratulations Shannalee. I hope they are all Champions.

Irish Hill Shelties said...

Hi Can you tell me where you found the cookie cutters they are so cute? Hope all is going well with your dad. Happy Holidays Pat

D'Gio Shelties said...

The wonders of the Christmas season, love the cookies!!!
Beautiful babies!! How exciting!!!

Shannalee, Akadia Shelties said...

I found the cookie cutter for the standing sheltie at one of the nationals I was at,,, I think Pennsylvania.
The sitting sheltie I bent to look that way out of a sitting dog,, aztec sort of look.
I know that doesn't help much.
If you look online,, I have seen a lot of cute ones. I would google it..:)