Saturday, December 20, 2008

Princess Squishy

About a month or so after we moved into our house where we live now, Derek came up from the shop and into the house. He asked me to come out to the garage. I went,, wondering what part or tool that he was going to bore me with this time. When I got out the house door to the connected garage, there sat the cutest little calico kitten. Big eyes,, scared and all hunched up, obviously cold. I picked her up and she purred and made bread with her front paws on my arm.

Since we already had 5 indoor cats,, I told Derek that she would have to live in the garage. Not too bad since we heat the garage for the dogs and keep it about 60 degrees all the time.

Well time went on and "garage kitty" began to develop a personality. I would go out in the evening to feed dogs and she would play hide and seek with me,, chasing me and sneaking up on me and attacking me. I would hunch down and sneak up on her and do the same then we would finish with time to cuddle before I brought the dogs in for the night.

She gained great delight from laying on top of the wire crates and pawing at the dogs heads and bugging them till they barked at her. She would also run the full length of the garage in front of the crates, back and forth getting them all barking at her from time to time.

As she got older, it was time to get her spayed and I decided to get her front claws declawed since she was to be out with the dogs. I took her in and had the deeds done. When I got home with her a few days later,, she was a changed kitty. She didn't like me anymore. Just me holding her or petting her would bring on growls and looks of hate from her once cute loving face. I was so hurt.
Months went by and she still hadn't warmed up to me but the one thing she did seem to be happy with was coming into the house for short visits to see the other kitties.

Soon,, the visits turned into nights and days and then a full fledged house cat.

A year and a half went by and still she hated me. I would pick her up,, hold her loosely and pet her lightly as to not disrupt her or upset her and she would tolerate just short times of this before she would growl, spit and race off.
One night I was again holding her (I don't give up easily) and I noticed a horrible smell coming from her mouth. I opened it up and looked at her teeth to see them all inflamed and full of puss and terribly infected. Poor "garage cat" was in horrible pain.

I made an appointment right away and took her in. Come to find out, she has a really rare disease that causes her body to reject her teeth roots. The only choice was to pull all her teeth.

So we did.

A month went by and it was like she was brand new. Like the kitten I had before her spay and declaw. Loving, tolerant and affectionate. Oh goody.

Since we had moved her into the house,, we renamed her Garage',, with the french twist. I mostly call her "Gigi" and "Princess Squishy" since she has the squishiest belly you will ever feel. She is a delight now,,, almost 5 years later. She enters any room she is in with a tribble of meows,, announcing herself. She also loves to rub on Derek's stinky feet. She is a full timer on the bed as well.

My Miss Princess Squishy...

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Lacewood Shelties said...

Oh Shannalee, I think in my next life I want to come back as one of your pets!!!