Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, Snow and Puppies

Christmas went over with no major special or disappointing items. We got up to a lot of snow,, 7 inches overnight. The roads headed into town were horrible and not passable without a four wheel drive. We made tracks into my sister's house to meet with the family.
Once there we were greeted by the menagerie of kittens she has been fostering. If you look back in November's posts at the "Taking Moments" post, you can read about them more. This Christmas was fun for them. My sister left all the wrapping paper and boxes down for them to play in and it was GREAT fun watching them. Here are a couple of shots of them after they were all wore out.

The snow was pretty bad and has hit such a point that the fence is almost buried now. The fence is 5 ft tall and the dogs are going right over it. Thankfully,, this is an internal fence and not border fence.
Found time today to take pictures of the Ch. Price and Ch. Jewelee babies. They will be 3 wks old on Sunday.
Brown leg girl:

Star girl:
Tiny girl:

White head girl:

Gorgeous boy:


Aspengrove Shelties Fantasias Collies said...

What cute kittys and the puppies are so pretty I love seeing them you must be having fun. That is some crazy snow Burrrr!

Amy Aitken said...

Beautiful kitties and puppies! We have been totally snowed in here in Washington also. Can't wait for our usual rain to wash it all away...

Shawna said...

What cute puppies! Keep the pictures coming :)

The kitties are so funny how they lay all together...I bet they had a blast with all the wrapping and boxes...kitties are so funny that way, buy the most expensive gift and they play with the box it came in, LOL!