Monday, November 10, 2008


I love fall! I got up this morning and looked outside from the bedroom window and there it was... gloomy and grey. I can't help it though,, I like it. Something about a fall day that sets my heart to ease and makes me just slow down. To me,, it is a bit of reverence that comes with seeing everything go into the dormant stage, knowing that it will renew once again in the spring. I love the colors of fall,, all orange, red and yellow. Its the time of year that I find myself outside more,, perhaps because it isn't hot and it isn't too cold yet. In the hustle and bustle of life where everyone is go, go, go,, fall seems to make you calm down, slow down and perhaps through a bit of depression,, appreciate.
I love how furry every animal gets. The horses get rich with color when the winter coats come in and even the cows get cleaner looking and their colors come out. Speaking of cows. The neighbor filled the back field up with his this weekend. Boy was that a hay day for my dogs. They barked till they were hoarse and then barked more. The cows would come right up to the back fence and just stand there.. Dogs barking and bouncing against the fence like crazy. The cows didn't care.
There were some neat ones in the bunch.. Speckley and spotty ones that looked as though they might have texas longhorn in them. They were my favorite. There were some boring ones too, but even as drawn as my dogs were to them,, I have to admit that I spent a good amount of time just watching them eat and mosey around. They are gone now,, back to watching for the eagles, and ferrel cats again.
Side note: This photo I took 2 years ago up by Heise Hot springs, ID. This is looking down at the snake river from the highway.

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Laureate said...

Love to hear about life in your part of the world. Lovely photo!