Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The BEST dog in the whole world

Ok,, I have to explain that cute blue puppy on the top of the page. That is my "Nicky", also known as "Super Man", and "the best dog in the whole world".

Nicky is about the most precious thing to me in my life. He is my very best friend.
One thing about him is that he never lets me down. He knows me and my attitudes and always comes and makes sure that I'm ok. He sits at the back door while I am gone to shows, making me sad, but taking him to shows is impossible.
As much as I love Nicky, I realize that he has some personality quirks not so enduring to others like they are to me. For one,, he doesn't like new people,, particularly loud people and he will growl and make a lot of ruckus about them.
The other thing is that Nicky doesn't like crates. I can't crate him to travel or he barks non stop till I let him out. At home, he is not crated except at night or if I leave but not at all when I am home or he will bark and bark and not stop. He also has to sleep in my room.
When he was a puppy I tried to put him and his brother in the guest bedroom right across the hall from my bedroom. Nicky would carry on for hours till I brought his crate to my room. Before long, both boys where in my room permanently. He has separation issues, probley. I don't know.
The one thing I do know is that I love Nicky for just what he is. I don't show him,, because I could never stand criticism of him. I never glued his ears because I hated how it made him look and I just don't mess with much about him. It doesn't matter. He is loved so much just the way he is.
Nicky was a bottle raised baby. I fed him every 2 hours and took him everywhere with his little rice bag all heated up. Even though it was hard some nights when I didn't think he would make it,, I kept going because something about this little light made me so happy. Maybe midlife crisis for a childless lady?? I don't know. I just loved him and he was just a source of joy for me.
I named him Akadia Resonating Light because he is a constant light for me in my life.
Its funny, but every time I have had a very special dog get to old age, the good Lord has placed a new one there to help me. When April passed, I had Kizzy,, when Kizzy passed, I had Nicky. I can't imagine there ever being anther to make the day Nicky passes easier. Maybe at that point,,,,,, I will get out of dogs.

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Shawna said...

What a great post on a very special dog! Love his name too :)