Sunday, November 9, 2008

Even though

Even though the title is Akadia shelties,, I probley should have titled it Shelties and CATS!.

We do love our cats,, all 6 of them and the interaction we have with them is next to what you might view as parent and child.

Each one has such a unique personality. Today it was a funny day with Russ tribbling (thats what I call the little stuttered meow that cats do) to Derek. Derek had walked into the kitchen to find Russ on the counter (oh,,ya,, big deal!). Russ looked at him,, Derek looks back and says "RUSS!",, Russ looks back and kindly tribbles a reply. He didn't move,, mind you. Just tribbled. Then in a look of defeat Derek put his arms up in the air and said "RUSS!" again. Still no movement,, just a light little cute tribble from Russy. Then slowly,, he sauntered off the counter to the floor where he marched up to Derek and rubbed on his leg. "Your no threat Derek".. hee hee.

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