Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking some time. Seeing Farrah's kittens

This picture is from last summer.

The theme of today was calm down, take it slow.. Course, I didn't realize that till the day was almost over. Funny how things force you in a direction sometimes that you don't really know of, till its almost over.

I had ran, ran, ran, at least in my head, all day until tonight, as I went outside to put some bratwurst on the bbq, I realized that just for a moment, I had to take in the night sky.

I wandered over to the edge of the property and looked at the crimson sky, outlined perfectly by the tall mountains. Not a cloud in site,, beautiful red/orange sky. Crickets in the background chirping. I stood there just thinking how stunning it was. How crisp the mountains and how perfect the little chirping cricket.

The events of the last month have kept me on the run and I sometimes forget to take in the moments so that I can enjoy life more.

After work I went to my sister's house and visited Farrah and her kittens. They are just darling. Beautiful little faces with bright blue eyes and sweet little dispositions. They are 6 wks now and getting weaned. Farrah has gone from feral to miss house kitty and enjoys playing and getting her pets. She is a constant of thankful purrs and its just sweet to hear her tribble little messages to her kittens as they approach or as they nurse. She loves her kittens and I am so glad that she was taken in by my sister. I have decided that Farrah will not return to outdoor living at my house and will be placed in a good indoor home. I can't bring her into my house with my other 6 indoor cats, so we will seek a good home for her elsewhere. The coyotes have returned this late summer and I fear for her life should she come back. Besides, she deserves someone's couch and love. I will certainly miss her, and have, but its all good.

Those kittens will never have to know feral life and that is good too.

Now,, I am working on another kitty that I call "Squeaky cat". She does not meow but squeaks to me. She is very feral and will not let me touch her at all. I can get within about a foot of her, so it may be a while taming her enough for capture.

Take care folks. Take some time to enjoy the little things around you. Don't just look, but draw it in,, breathe it in and savor it. Be it a night sky, a perfect little kitten face, or a simple look from someone you love. Its all good!

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