Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goals,, what drives the dreams

This is a story about how goals as a breeder come along when you least realize them. I have always felt it important to have personal goals,, that of a point winner, a major winner, a Champion, a specialty winner, a Best of Breed winner, a Group winner, and a Best in Show winner,, but never did I think of a goal as a breeder of a top producer. Not till "Bell" came along anyway.
Akadia HellsBells (pts)

A few years back I bred my cute little sable bitch to a dog that I really didn't think would cross with her so well. We did one breeding,, then I changed my mind, not doing another as I kept waining on my thoughts that it wouldn't work. Akadia HellsBells,, aka "Bell" was that sable bitch and the dog was Ch. Beckwards Chimney Sweep. Three puppies resulted and the quality was very evident. One male was retained and co-owned with the stud owner. That male went on to win 9 points, both majors before the stud owner lost interest. Pictured below: Twincreeks Vintage Spirit (9pts)

Along the way though,, I decided to breed Bell again. This time, to Ch. Hillviews Patriot Games. Four puppies resulted. Such a consistant litter,, it was becoming evident that Bell was becoming a great producer. Her puppies all had a look, all were better then her yet possessed her virtues. Yay!! Ch. Akadia Just Priceless "Price", Int Ch. Akadia Just Special "Ethan"(12 pts, both majors) and Akadia Just Heavenly "Kaylani" (14 pts, both majors) were to be her get from this breeding.
Int Ch. Akadia Just Special (12 pts, both majors)

Bell went on to win the Brood bitch class at that year's national as well with son's "Price" and "Ethan" in tow. Price won a 3rd place in his class also.

I loved that breeding so much. I started to really think that maybe Bell could become an ROM (Register of Merit, top producer). Never before had I ever thought about that for one of my dogs. I have always been the "handler", not the breeder!! The more I thought about it, the more I really began to make it a goal.
Come time to breed Bell again,, I chose a Patriot Games son,, Ch. Braeleen Let Freedom Ring to be her suitor. From this breeding, I retained a girl who would go out and win a major at her first show, a specialty, as a puppy. That girl is Akadia Strawberry Shortcake and she has 12 pts, 1 major.
Akadia Strawberry Shortcake (12 pts, 1 major)

One last breeding this year would leave us with 3 hopefuls to grow out. Bred to Ch. Starfalls The Enchanter CD,, Bell has more then earned her spay appointment with the vet.
Akadia Bell Bottom "Flare"

I hope to finish Shortcake and Ethan this year and Nanette Johnson is working on the last point on Kaylani. That will make 3 Bell kids in 2009 to finish, if we obtain our goal.

Bell will just need one more Champion to get her ROM after that. I sure hope one of these hopefuls will fulfill that dream. If not,, I feel that Bell has certainly made a marked difference in my program and I am so grateful for that.
Funny thing is that in thinking about Bell now,, if I was to have her now days, as a hopeful,, I am not sure I would have kept her. She is little,, 14 inches,, and has round eyes,, and is kinda average, but at the time that she came along in my program, she was the best I had to go on. I am glad I kept her and worked with her and discovered her producing ability. She has been a blessing to me and a grand example of years of work and generations of careful selection for continued improvement.


Aspengrove Shelties Fantasias Collies said...

I wish Bell her ROM she has produce some very pretty babies and is very deserved. I love The male Twincreeks Vintage Spirit its a shame he didnt get finished.

Nanette Johnson said...

I loved seeing all those photos and glad to be part of helping Bell get that ROM. Speaking of goals, I want to get that last point on Kaylani next weekend to finish her. We show at 9 am (eastern) on Saturday; sure hope I can call & wake you with some good news.
Nanette Johnson

windsor Shelties said...

We wish you all the best this year with finishing the Bell kids. Also speaking of goals we hope that one day down the road we will have Akadia Something To Talk About in the breed ring and along with her sister Akadia Bell Bottom that you have, we can get Bell her ROM which is so well deserved.

You have an awesome breeeding program and I just love your dogs.

OBay Shelties said...

Hob-b says if only she could stand on her tippy-toes she would add to that list! :-) I think Bell's pups are the greatest and cannot wait to hear about her ROM! Bell's fantastic temperment and confidence make her the best momma around.