Friday, March 6, 2009

Puppy Pixures

This is the Red girl,, 9 inches at 9 wks
This is littler red girl,, 8 1/2 inches at 9wks

This is "Boo",, she is also 8 1/2 inches at 9 wks. I call her "Boo" cause she hurt her footy at about 7 wks and limped for a day. So I called her the puppy with the "Boo boo",, it stuck. So now she is "Boo". Ironically,, her sire's nickname is "Boo". I didn't know that!

My friend Debbie,, God bless her,, has come out almost weekly to help with puppy pictures. I am not sure what I did before she came along. I have always done photos weekly of every litter. I really like to watch the babies develop and be able to go back and compare new litters with old litters. It is just so interesting to look at the photos and see what traits you noticed in the photos that remained into adulthood or disappeared. Thanks go to Debbie though for all her time driving to my house and tolerating me chalking and glueing and brushing each baby for their portraits.

I have always believed that doing photos of my dogs let me see them in a new light. To some degree,, I think that is is almost what others may see if I were to present my dog to them. Course photos can be deceptive sometimes,, but in so many ways, it makes me appreciate their virtues and notice the faults that I need to pay more attention to.

I love it when I do a session and I get the photos on the computer and I see nothing that needs fixed on them. Man that feels good.

So,, even though these are posed and not glamour shots,,they give you an idea of what my youngest litter looks like. I like these babies a lot. They are out of Bell,, who I hope to make an ROM (top producer, takes 5 Champions). Bell does have 1 Champion,, and 4 major pointed offspring. Three of those 4 should finish their Championships this year. All need just 3 or 4 points to finish. The 4th major pointed dog,, will probley not finish as his owner is not interested anymore. Such a shame. So I am hoping that one of the puppies in this litter sired by Ch. Starfalls the Enchanter CD will make Champion number 5 for Bell. Lots of things can change of course.. but for now, I kinda like these babies.

Ron and Chrissy Weatherston will get one of these girls when I decide which one.. hee hee


windsor Shelties said...

Oh these girls are so beautiful, I can't to come up to Idaho and pick up our new addition to Windsor Shelties.

It's so exciting.

Cool Design Shelties said...

Beautiful girls, like all three of them. Cross my fingers for the ROM :o)


OBay Shelties said...

Bell puppies are the best! :-)

Shawna said...

Look at those faces! Precious! And Debbie rocks :)